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August 29, 2010



Thanks Corujalinda for your clarification - the photo happened to be one I took myself. I don't know that that particular horse is show quality, but the links to the official breed website should offer readers a good impression of the breed standard and good quality examples.

I'd be happy to share your photos, too - especially if you have some showing the ideal head, that would be nice to see. Few breeds in the US have the Iberian influenced head, so my description of it might not be very accurate. I'll email you about the photos.


I greatly enjoyed reading your page. One comment is that the Campolina nose is not a classic Roman nose. The Roman nose is when the nasal bones exit well above the base of the orbit, in a well bred Campolina, they should not. Also, your example of the saddled horse makes it difficult to see the morphology of this breed. If your goal is education, as it seems to be, please try to show a more clear profile, there are several free examples on Wikicommons or I would be happen to send you a photo that is not used elsewhere from my own files.
Great job overall and I appreciated your low key style.


Interesting article and always nice to learn about another Gaited Breed. This is the first time I have heard of it...Thanks for sharing!

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