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July 06, 2010


Bonnie J Bishop

They have a parade of carts in Touramina Sicily as well. Not sure of date, but it is held every year. When I was stationed there in the early 1990's I met a man who rode on one of the traditional carts and played a flute thing, he was very good with it, and in high demand as a passenger. He would play along the whole route.It seems the quality of horses has improved slightly since then. One problem with Sicily is that they dont have a lot of pasture or land devoted to hay, so owning a horse there is very expensive. In Catania there was (not sure if still there) a government stud with many breeds of stallions for the people to use. They had a very good Arabian stud, and several breeds that are not very well known to the US. The Murguese is a very nice breed, reminded me of a Morgan. There was another breed, which I do not remember the name of, that was similar but the size of a tall carriage horse. Dark bay. Not a Cleaveland Bay, much more rough than those. They said it was a Sicilian breed.



Al Zammataro

The carts for sale in the flea markets are not originals.
There are only six or seven old teachers able to realize that wagons according to the tradition.
I personally know the owners of some wagons in the pics: the carved one (one of the most recent) has been paid 30.000 € (38.000,00 dollars).

Robin Rosenthal

I showed these images to artist friends who have spent a lot of time in Italy, and they said they used to see these carts for sale in the flea markets back in the day. Now of course they are wondering why they never bought one.


WOW!! That's cool! Some serious plumage going on. Seems it would be tricky to balance it! So intricate & beautiful though..thank you for sharing.

Fran Boness

I wonder HOW the horses carry that stuff, though I know they can from what you have told me about horses. The pictures are spectacular and inspiring. Nice addition to your blog.

Robin Rosenthal

Wow, this is outrageously wonderful. Reminds me just a little bit of some of the decoration I've seen on the Marwari horses in India, but to the tenth power. I sure would LOVE to go to this festival someday.

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