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April 20, 2010



Maybe a comment on her comments threads would do? Comments usually get emailed to the site owner for review, at least mine do.

Angela Swedberg

NIce Blog. I wish I could send her a photo of Cappy my Appy. Not only Appaloosa, but has roan patches, Black, Bay and Chestnut spots (Along with solid spots with white spots on them) as well as a huge white blaze and socks. I would love her to address that genetic mix. But I cannot find a contact address. And, keep up the good work on you blog. It is the best. Angela

Karen Erickson

I found your blog entry about color genetics to be a fascinating read! I have a 10 year old sorrel rabicano QH gelding, and get to give "mini" color genetic lectures every time I'm asked, "What kind of color is that?" Rabicano is spanish for "white tail". :)

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