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December 16, 2009



PS - I don't remember seeing any Akhal-Teke's in that book...I'll have to look again.


Thanks for the tip about your site, Jenny. It's really interesting. Great photos, too! I added it to my blog roll. I've done a bunch of posts either directly about the Akhal Teke or mentioning them in passing, including some with video. If you use the search box at the top right of the page you'll find them. The Akhal-Teke has been one of my favorite breeds since I was a little kid and saw a picture of a golden palomino one in a horse book. I want one of those fuzzy hats the Turkemen guys wear, too!


Very cool book, I don't own a copy (yet!), but the photos look amazing. Do you know if they have the Akhal-Teke referenced? The Akhal-Teke is an ancient breed from Turkmenistan, and they come in some incredible colors. Their fur has a unique structure that reflects light, even in winter, and gives them a metallic sheen.
I enjoyed reading some of your posts, there's some great information on your site! I do barefoot eventing with Akhal-Tekes. They are extremely rare (only about 500 in the U.S., and less than 5,000 in the entire world), so I am always interested in knowing where they are sited in books, on websites, in sports, etc. http://eventingakhaltekes.blogspot.com/

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