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November 17, 2009


Liz Goldsmith

I'm so sorry. My beloved Kroni died from a stroke a little more than a year ago. It's very hard when your horse goes from being so healthy and active to being so impaired so quickly. My vet at Tufts said it was the first case like this she'd seen but I'm wondering whether it's not more common that vets know . . . how lucky she is that you can continue to take care of her.

enlightened horsemanship

Ach. Been offline from friends' blogs for a while and just discoered your update this afternoon. When did this happen?
Email me if you feel like it.
SO sorry.

Kimberly Cox Carneal

Great recovery! I've always been told by vets that animals don't suffer the kind of cerebrovascular accidents that humans do. But recently I've been learning otherwise. How upsetting.
Super that you've got your Solo with you still.

Julie Slater

Good for you and Solo. All's well that ends well. Thank Goodness.

Bonnitta Roy

heck of a way to gain a permanent pension... but hooray for her!

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