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November 11, 2008


Bonnitta Roy

I agree with the comment that "what we believe about horses, physiologically, psychologically is being broken down" -- and I truly admire Stormy May and the DVD, as well as all the teachers after whom I have designed my own workshops with Horses, Energy, and Spirit. On the one hand, Stormy May documented the cruelty, the pain, the dejected and the rejected. But the teachers also pointed to a place of joy and enthusiasm that can be brought up in the horse -- that horses are hungry to express and happy to engage with people on that level-- and it can take many forms, from simple fooling around in the paddock, to amateur riding, to the higher levels of sport. It depends on the horse, the human, and the relationship that is cultivated.

Sascha Day

The Path of the Horse simply shows that what we think we know, what we believe about horses, physiologically, psychologically is being broken down. And more than that, our fundamental beliefs about man’s rights over animals is questioned.Ask any horse person, or any rider if they love horses, and the answer will undoubtably be yes. We invest countless dollars, countless hours to the pursuit and hobby of horse ownership, horse riding or competition. We buy properties, stables, all the gear. We attend clinics by well-known instructors.
In the end, hardly any horse person looks to the horse for any of these answers. The horse is a tool for human means. The horse is never considered. We do what WE think is best for them and rarely, if ever consider the thoughts, emotions of the horse himself.
We force, we order and we demand from our horses. We make them live in unnatural stinking boxes. We nail steel shoes to their feet. We strap metal in their mouths, we whip them over jumps. Any sane person looking on, who can see the horse beyond the lies and misnomers of common horse knowledge, will see a creature bound and tortured, in pain, frightened or worse, the light is gone. Horses for human pleasure suffer. And again the fundamental question arises, what right does man have to subject a horse to his will for any reason?
This film certainly facilitates the changes needed to ready the psyche,for further exploration of possibilities outside of any traditonal horse training and regard.
I hesitate to leap into a esoteric or spiritual discussion because I think the fact is, only a few of the "pathfinders" require this aspect for fullfillment. Perhaps for others, and certainly for myself, I have learned to comprehend my horse as a feeling and thinking being for the first time and through trying different methods, I know that positive reinforcement and the simple motivation of joy and good feelings for a horse, is all that is required for a horse to follow my lead. For me, this has become a far more appealing path, than any traditional means of training which focuses on the avoidance of pain or pressure.

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