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April 22, 2008



Klaus is the absolute best horsemen that ever lived. I have praticed his work for years and it has not only changed my life with my horse, but has changed my life. I would recommend everyone who owns a horse to learn his method and live it.

CATherine Reid

Thank -you for sharing Your knowledge ! I have study you for about 2 years now ,an Your videos are right on !!I have many mentors an seem to take a little from all over the years I could not figure out what had Happen to me ? I have had horses for 40+ years an cracked my first book in 1995 since then I have learned lots or as I called it, they put what i was doing into perspective But i had lost the love an understanding there were days that I did dance with some ,I always like to do stuff off lead an folks would get after me for it thank-You once again for gathering my head back together I feel much better Now knowing I can still Dance with them!!!IndianaCatUSA
I would love Your clinic !! Leme Know !!Thank-You!! WE CAN DANCE!!

Tamara of In the Night Farm

Beautiful, indeed. Thanks for posting this -- I haven't come across Hempfling before and will look into more of his work.

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