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September 28, 2007



Oh, super. Glad to hear that (reference for those reading: http://www.absenceofdistraction.com/2007/09/this-is-the-kin.html). I started this blog in part to give people a kind of guide to photos, videos, books and websites that I find interesting. There is 90% tedious stuff, and 10% fascinating stuff out there about horses, and it puts all my surfing to good use if I chronicle it here. Cheers!


Ok. I need to apologize here because my humor got lost in translation and I don't want you to misunderstand: I was ECSTATIC to see a picture I took being used like this. Floored, honored and flattered. I love the photo and glad to see that someone found value in it. Sometimes I see the thousands of pictures I take and wonder what their value is except to take up space and be pretty to me.

Thank you for using this. You are most welcome to it. My blog post was a favorite quote from a Steve Martin movie. Believe me, I was so happy my friends were annoyed and I almost took a vacation day. Write on and feel free to use the photos here any time.

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