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Welcome! Global Horse Culture is my collection of interesting horse-related things I've found. I like to discover the unusual, the unexpected, the little-known and the surprising. Equestrian culture exists throughout most of the world, and humans' fascination with the speed, power, and grace of the horse have resulted in a wide variety of expressions - some beautiful, some ugly, and many a matter of taste. On Global Horse Culture, topics may include: horse breeds, equestrian sports, artistic performance, ornamental horse gear, horse-inspired art, remarkable people, equestrian adventures, and equine organizations. Occasionally I may go off on a tangent involving cattle or dogs...
Many people who are involved with horses tend to focus on only one breed or one sport, perhaps the one most popular where they live. I've always been a more eclectic horse person, fascinated by the unfamiliar. Being a writer based in eastern North America, some of what I find unusual may be quite commonplace for you. Nonetheless, I hope you find the journey also fascinating.